Fibonnaci: The Golden Spiral


In mathematics  the Fibonnaci numbers are the numbers in the following integer sequence , called the Fibonnaci sequence, and characterized by the fact that every number after the first two is the sum of the two preceding two

0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21……..and so on

Its actually a growth equation. our whole world follows a single magical formula which shows how every objects growth take place. Look around you, whether you are in your office right now or room or park or at Starbucks. Every things you see around you and not even the things even your growth too is defined by the Fibonacci’s series.

You don’t believe just type “Fibonacci in real life” in google images and you will believe it for sure.


 You see how everything is connected in this world and i beleive this spiral is connected with all the happenings and struggles that we face.

Growth is Voluntary we all think we have to design, our growth but all we have to do is just act .

You noticing something here??

The sequence 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 44…. every level switch, every change is a result of what came before .You see ….all you need to grow, to go to next level, to acheive already have those things, you already been through it .All the failure that you saw is trying to convert you in some way. Happenings in your life  are trying to mould you in something good, something beautiful. 

Don’t worry about the dots if its not connecting right now but its actually leading you to some great path and eventually everything will connect, what you have to do right now is to keep all those negative s**t out of your head and do what you think is best act to do at the point of time

. Make every Day count, Don’t let any of Bad thoughts to come in within you ,its your mind never let your mind control you and wait till every dot connect Everything that’s happening is happening for a reason  Stay Strong and fight harder

you never know what beautiful art this universe is preparing for you……

#hope_for_the_best “ALWAYS”





Author: Aaditya Maurya

Voracious reader, Vegetarian foodie, solo traveller and love to write. so stay tuned!! *For feedback connect with me on instagram profile. instagram username: aditya_maurya01

39 thoughts on “Fibonnaci: The Golden Spiral”

  1. The line that caught my fascination is happenings in your life are trying to mould you in something good, something beautiful…
    It’s very subtle at the same time prominent how you connect the Fibonacci Series with life…

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  2. Good to see that you are connecting the logic of mathematics with in life. Basically life is all about succeeding numbers, we often portray as growth.

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  3. Fibonacci arcs play a large role in the trading of agriculture futures. It seems that futures traders can study the graphs of these arcs and find ways to trade the ag futures because the arcs repeat over time, over years. Interesting to read this post and think of this.

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  4. At first I assumed that this would probably be a write up on Fibonacci series from a very mathematical point of view. The first thing that comes into my head are programming days at college, Fibonacci series general being a favourite with all teachers πŸ™‚

    I was in a surprise when I delved deeper into the article. That everything that happens is a summation of what happened earlier. And positivity will triumph. Loved these lines, ‘All the failure that you saw is trying to convert you in some way. Happenings in your life Β are trying to mould you in something good, something beautiful.’. Perfect lines for a morose day that today was. πŸ™‚

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      1. The pleasure is all mine. I was rereading it again now for some motivation that I need. However, it is so very difficult to keep thoughts that being you down away from your head, more so when you are rather blessed/cursed with an oberanalyical mind. What if bad things add up to make it worse? What if the spiral grows in magnitude towards negativity? I cannot help thinking, accentuated by the fact of recent happenings I have been dealing with.

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  5. It is a very nice post. I have seen a documentary about Fibonnaci numbers long time ago, this is a topic of my interest as well.
    Thank you for information and nice words!
    Keep on writing.

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      1. Drop in sometime and have a look, I am a fairly new blogger and I can use all the feedback and tips I can get, especially for my new write-up section.

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  6. This article was so inspiring.. and just what I needed right now! Besides, the Fibonacci sequence has always been a fascination of mine, ever since I read about it in Dan Brown’s – ‘The Da Vinci Code’. πŸ™‚

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      1. πŸ˜‰ So dark the con of man!
        The Da Vinci Code is one of my all-time favourites.. ever since I read it in 8th grade. Can’t get enough of it!

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