It’s Midnight 2nd of July and it’s raining heavily I would’ve chosen to go out as it’s Sunday but I preferred Books as Rainy day and books make perfect combination, after reading a beautiful thriller fiction of Dan Brown, I have nothing in my mind  what to do next so I did what our generation usually do checked my social media profile, got bored there too so I thought, I should watch something on Youtube, something funny maybe, but as I sometimes watch motivational videos so there was a recommended video titled Life lessons from 100 years olds. I am providing you the link watch it after reading the blog post. (  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AThycGCakk )

I opened it as I saw an old man full of wrinkles sitting on his vintage sofa, I thought “Aha it looks like he certainly has something beautiful to tell”, and I watched the video it was inspirational. But while watching it I observed how people look when they get old- full of wrinkles, Bald with a few white hair and suddenly I was bombarded with thoughts as -how will I look once i get old?

 How would it feels to be old?

 but the question which I thought worth contemplating is 

Will I be happy in that last moment of my life ?” 

while listening to the rhythm of rain drops tapping the window gently, I got more and more submerged into the thought.

Currently, I am 21 so a thought came, ” ahh it’s not my age to think about all these things I have a full season of youthfulness in front of me” But do we have much time. Then I thought, I do have some beautiful memories of my childhood and Teen age but it certainly doesn’t account for complete 20 years . Looking back it feels like its just 2-3 weeks when I woke up and got ready for school but no its more then 3 years now. How amazing is this riddle of time, at this current moment we will be the youngest we’ll ever be. Everyone in this planet knows this but somehow we get so much trapped in our everyday life that we fail to appreciate the time that we have. we all are surrounded by petty concerns no matter where you are , what you are. we always try to be in our comfort zone scared of stepping out from it. 

Currently I don’t have the answers, I just have Question and too many of them,as to how will I make my life beautiful, full of memorable moments. 

The answer to all these questions I will write on 2nd July 2077 (Terms and condition applied ! chuckles!) .But the thing I will be doing from now on is to stop postponing my happiness to my future and start  enjoying the beauty and bliss of every single day no matter how big or small the happiness.

 We all have some aim, ambition but we get so much engulfed in the struggle to reach the finish line that we fail to enjoy the journey. So just find a sheet of paper take out your pen and make a bucket list of things you truly want to do apart from just running towards the end.  Have a great journey ahead,make every moment count.  Adiós  ok now I’m going out  in my garden to enjoy the Rain .


Do all those thing that you always wanted to do and just admire the journey .

“We only get to be in our bodies for a limited time, why not celebrate the journey instead of merely riding it out until it’s over?”






Author: Aaditya Maurya

Voracious reader, Vegetarian foodie, solo traveller and love to write. so stay tuned!! *For feedback connect with me on instagram profile. instagram username: aditya_maurya01

23 thoughts on “WE ARE HERE FOR A LIMITED TIME .”

  1. That’s beautiful. Its raining here as I read your post. These rain have a magic of nostalgia, a vibe that carries us in our own beautiful memories 😊

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  2. Enjoyed your thoughts and contemplation of your future journey, I’m nearly 66, and thoroughly recommend that you enjoy every moment you can, the happy times can be elusive at times.

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  3. Love how you write. You make very good points that we sometimes forget to enjoy life and make ourselves happy. Time does goes fast. I’m thirty four and I’m starting to realize that I have so many things that I want to accomplish in my life still. I do want to complete some of them before I get too old.

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  4. Enjoy life as it is strive to make it better and more enjoyable and don’t forget to make mistakes loads of it they make the best stories

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  5. Great! The best way I found to live happy everyday is to do what you only love. In my case, it is my work. It could be different for different people. But we must find the source. The thing is, love makes us happy.
    Good thoughts. Live well.

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  6. To add if anyone live 100 years…33years of their life will spent sleeping now what remains is 67. Most of us spend again 34 years in study, work … so we are left with 33 years to live life. It’s up to us to keep thinking about the past or future or do something about the present. It’s easier said then done reason Action is not something we keep track of….or be part of it.
    Lucky are those who is remembered after their death…and you got of talent so do write a book a good one so that your name is there even if you are not there.

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    1. Thankyou for sharing what you feel ….. Infact These kinds of comments makes me super happy, when someone after reading the blogs takes some time out to shares some wisdom, his/her own thoughts. It acts as a kind of motivation for me to write more . Thanks again !

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